Celebrating 20 years

Looking back over 20 years of service and ministry, it has been amazing to watch how Rockin With The Cross has been involved in music ministry in so many ways.   Rockin With The Cross has always been, and will always be, one of the leaders in aggregation and cataloging of Christian Chord charts and lyrics.  Currently RWTC is one of 2 sites on the web with the largest data base in the world for it.   As new music comes out – users, publishers and song writers compile music and our ability to house, build, and log that has been amazing.  As you may see we have been offline in the blog world for over 6 years retooling, redeveloping and rebuilding on the calling the Lord has put on us.  The last 20 years has taught us many things.

Some of the top lessons?

  1. When we started RWTC we were kids leading worship, charting the unknown of the web and just helping other worship leaders with music for their services.  The site was designed by worship leaders for worship leaders. In 1997 there were only 3 web sites like us on the web.
  2. As we grew so did our responsibility to make sure music “chord charts and lyrics” that had NEVER been made for web use could be gotten faster and better.
  3. New technologies would be adapted and brought on to maximize the ability to lead worship without too much pain.
  4. That Christ is honored through the diligence of the work.

So what’s been happening since 2012 when we stopped blogging?  WOW so much.

First, we are part of a group of owners that launched OnSong in April 2012.  OnSong is now one of the most widely used Apple Apps for all musicians in Apple.  It has been in the Top 5 most downloaded apps for musicians now 6 years in a row.  You can use RWTC’s aggregation inside the app and other third party aggregators.  You will still need performance licenses if you play in front of people. With the advent of OnSong we realized that Android users were not able to have many of the abilities we launched.  As we tried to build an Android app… the feats were a little daunting.  So for the last year as we developed our new look and layouts we decided to act for our Android users.  In December of 2017, RWTC launched its new look and new layout designs and added third party API.   This January, RWTC is launching the new online song display.  The “Song Display” is the beginning of our “app like” feel and will help all smartphone and smart-pad users have the same ability as our app users except in real time and online.    More to come on that in our next blog.  We did this to strengthen our primary focus – the ability for you the worship leader to lead worship more efficiently.

In January 2018, Worshipplanning.com launched with RWTC’s API.  We are very excited to be working closely with Tom and his team at Worshipplanning.com helping worship leaders plan and reach people for Christ.  If you are a worshipplanning.com user look in the global messaging for a gift from us to you 🙂  Per your ongoing requests – we will continue to approach third party presentation and software apps you are using to add RWTC’s API over the coming year.   Please let your Third Party Apps and software entities know you want them to partner with us.

What sets us apart from other sites?  

With over 300,000 songs and growing that is a huge reason that sets us apart from other sites.  Our files are TXT files in Chord Pro and real time TXT files.   Therefore, Apps and third party software can edit and move the music you import from RWTC the way you want.  Not like PDF files that pigeon hole you with high prices to access them.  Or sites boasting accurate songs yet have no depth.    You can transpose on the fly and not have to pay for 10 versions of the same song.  Now with the new update of the “Song Display” you will be able to do so much more than any other site on the web when it comes to playing the song.

Time is of the essence.  Would you rather be spending 20-30 hours a week planning your set list or picking out your songs or would you like to do that in a fraction of the time with RWTC?  We have been compiling the music since its beginning and through publishers, song writers and musicians it evolves.  Imagine a data base where 20 years ago – much like today- artists themselves don’t actually write out the music.  It takes times and effort to compile.   Many of you have benefited from this with free months when you help us behind the scenes archiving music you are using in your ministries.  You bless so many others.

In 2018 we have brought on incredible people to help us:

Matt 1

Matt Cicconi  – Director of Marketing and Social Media

You may have seen Matt on Fox or CNN as HUD Secretary Ben Carson’s Presidential Campaign Digital Director in 2015 and 2016.   Before that, Matt served our country for 12 years in the Air Force, having been deployed to combat areas of Iraq and overseas in Guam.  So why Rocking With The Cross?

​As a Christ-follower, Matt believes politics is a tremendous platform to bring Christ to the forefront — but Matt doesn’t seek the limelight. Through much prayer with the leadership team, he knew The Lord was calling him into full-time ministry.  Even while joining our team he will be studying for his Master of Divinity (M.Div.) at Westminster Theological Seminary.

His extensive knowledge of the web, music and digital interaction was a gift to us when he said “yes” to being a part of our leadership team.

​​Don’t worry, he’s not “all work and no play”, suit-wearing…you can usually catch a glimpse of him in casual clothes returning from a workout, rugby practice or sporting his Eagles hoodie.  Not to mention his love of guitars.

Doug Gould Picture

Doug Gould – Worship MD – Director of Artist Relations for RWTC

Doug has been a veteran of the Pro Audio and Music Technology Industry for nearly 30 years, serving in management roles at Shure, Tascam and E-Mu Systems and also serves as a worship leader, musician and tech at various churches throughout his esteemed career.

You may have seen Doug over the last twelve years as he has been a very effective presenter at hundreds of worship conferences all over North America and beyond representing RWTC focusing his experience to consult and teach others.

​Doug will be working closely with song writers, artists and publishers as we increase our reach helping worship leaders and musicians reach people for Christ.


We pray for you all often and wish the Lord’s blessings on your ministries.

–Rockin With The Cross Staff






March/April New Worship Music

New Worship Music

Summer 2012 – Android flavored OnSong app!

Just a quick teaser for those of us longing for an Android OS version of OnSong … the wait is almost over.  We expect to launch our first Android version of the OnSong app this Summer!  Stay tuned to our blog/facebook/twitter for more details coming soon.

OnSong Foot Pedal Sale

One of the great things about having a digital songbook is you don’t have to turn pages.  But what if your song doesn’t fit on a single screen?  Our bluetooth foot pedals can scroll and change to the previous or next song in your set list.  The price has been reduced to $119 til the end of April.

Give Us Your Opinion on Capos

Love ’em? Hate ’em? Somewhere in between? Answer on our Facebook Page

Engage Worship Conference Cancelled

We regret to inform those of you looking forward to attending the Engage Conference has been cancelled.  See their website for more details.