March/April New Worship Music

New Worship Music

Summer 2012 – Android flavored OnSong app!

Just a quick teaser for those of us longing for an Android OS version of OnSong … the wait is almost over.  We expect to launch our first Android version of the OnSong app this Summer!  Stay tuned to our blog/facebook/twitter for more details coming soon.

OnSong Foot Pedal Sale

One of the great things about having a digital songbook is you don’t have to turn pages.  But what if your song doesn’t fit on a single screen?  Our bluetooth foot pedals can scroll and change to the previous or next song in your set list.  The price has been reduced to $119 til the end of April.

Give Us Your Opinion on Capos

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Engage Worship Conference Cancelled

We regret to inform those of you looking forward to attending the Engage Conference has been cancelled.  See their website for more details.


Walkdowns by Paul Baloche

Here is a great article from Paul Baloche on playing bass notes along with your chords.  You can visit Paul’s website at You can read other articles he as written along with updates on his music and events.  Follow Paul on twitter to receive notifications of new articles.

By Paul Baloche

Walkdowns describe the bass movement in a song, creating interest and emotion. A “one chord” with the root in the bass makes the listener feel “at home”. But a “one chord” with the third or the fifth in the bass is a totally different animal, usually evoking a majestic, anthem like quality. These are very useful tools in writing and arranging songs.

Almost every song ever written has either a walk-down or walk-up. Think of how the bass walks down in choruses like “Jesus, Lover of My Soul”, “There is None like You”, “As the Deer”, or “Mr. Bojangles”. Sacred and Secular, Classical and Contemporary, all employ this timeless musical device.

So here we go. By learning the walkdowns in the five “guitar keys”, you will be equipped to play nearly 90% of all music ever written. Or at least most of the music you ever hope to play. Of course then, by using a capo, you will be able to play in all twelve keys with ease. That is one of the cool things about the guitar—if you learn the “shapes” of certain chords, those shapes can be moved up and down the neck forming different chords in different keys. Something you can’t do on a piano I might add.

Look at the examples shown below. In the key of C, look at the F/G chord. That “shape” is a “moveable shape”. If you move that shape up 2 frets, it becomes a G/A, which sets you up for the key of D. It’s a great shape to use when you’re modulating from one key to another. Another moveable shape that will serve you well is the A/C# in the key of D. Move it up and down the neck and figure out what chord you’re playing. Bb/D, C/E, etc. Go ahead and try them. Ouch!! It’s tough at first. The guitar is a very physical instrument. Take heart. Your hand muscles will grow stronger through repetition so keep practicing.

The examples shown start with the easiest key, C, and progress to the hardest key, E. If you are striving to be a better guitar player, I truly believe this is time well spent. Learning these walkdowns will prepare you to play hundreds of songs and enable you to enjoy your instrument more fully. “Play skillfully…..” Ps. 33:3

Interview With Paul Baloche

Special thanks to Andy & Cathy Sanders at 5-Fold Media for the interview and concert videos.

Paul  Baloche Paul  Baloche Concert

Recently, Cathy and I had the privilege to interview Paul Baloche after a worship time in a local church. I must say that I was extremely impressed with many facets of Paul’s life.  For starters, one could easily tell that he did not come to be served but to serve the Body of Christ.  People bombarded him with prayer request, photos, signatures, and funny stories from the time he arrived, to long after the worship time was over.  He took the time to listen to anyone who wanted to talk even at the expense of total exhaustion that he encountered.

During the worship time, he would often stop and talk about revelation that God had given him over the years. On more than one occasion , Paul Baloche continued with spontaneous prayers and songs to the Father that were directly from the Fathers’ heart. It was wonderful to experience and many, including myself were extremely encouraged. As most of you already know, God has gifted this man to be a real worship leader that brings people to HIM.

Below is a little excerpt with our time with him in a personal interview.

Andy: What were the main events that God used to show you that this was His will for your life?
Paul: In stages. There weren’t any big dreams or visions, that would make a great story, but I’m being honest. I think that way most of us hear from God is like he only shows us the next little step, and I want to see the next 10 steps, but it’s like one little step and you try to serve where you are at. I was doing kid’s church, helping out at this little A/G church, and I thought “What can I do? Well I can help with the little kids.” And that’s some of my first worship leading experience, helping with the little kids and singing Father Abraham. Then the youth group needed somebody once in a while to lead, so I would do that. Then suddenly an opportunity opens up to lead for the adult church. As I look back, there was maybe a hundred steps like that, where you try to be obedient one step at a time.

Andy: Other than the Lord, who has influenced your life more than anyone else?
Paul: No doubt my wife in a lot of ways, and my parents, they loved other people. My parents taught me how to love other people. They lived it in front of me.

Andy: How has your wife adapted to you being on the move so much?
Paul: She is kind-of a “crazy” musician herself. Originally, I was her guitar player. She was the songwriter and all that and I played guitar for her. We were leading worship in our church in Texas and she started having our 3 kids. She was almost relieved in some ways, I wasn’t asking her “Hey, you getting any song ideas?” So it ended up being good, it took pressure off of her. And God opened it up and showed me that I can do this. You play the cards you are dealt, so we adapt and try to keep it balanced, at times its too much and so we try to be prayerful over the years and adjust.

Andy: If you could sing just one song for the rest of your life as a message to the church, what would it be?
Paul: Maybe the Hymn, “Holy, Holy, Holy.” It’s just a powerful song, It’s a glory song.
John Bacchus Dykes, Reginald Heber. Public Domain

Andy: What were some of the expectations you had before getting to where you are today, and are they reality?
Paul: Honestly, none. We moved down to Texas to do missions with Last Day Ministries and YWAM. We lived in a mobile home for many years. I didn’t have enough faith to even dream that I would have a CD or a record. I can honestly say that. And like I said it was little by little by little and all of a sudden, an opportunity presented itself. I started leading worship at this church, and started writing little prayer ideas, little prayer songs we would sing at church. Before you know it, one thing leads to another.

Andy: In your travels, if you can be used of God to help fill a void that you see in the church across the board, what would it be?
Paul: The ability to reveal who Jesus is. The supernatural ability that points people to Him, for them to actually catch a glimpse of who He is and change, because once you see Him, once you experience Him your life will change. “Taste and see,” you know what I mean?

For more information on Worship Leader Paul Baloche check out

Check out some video clips from the concert:

Paul drop-kicking t-shirts into the crowd:

Paul has fun with the kids:

Paul talks about his song “Glorious”:

How to Play “How Great Is The Love” with Paul Baloche

Many thanks to Paul for explaining how to play this song. You can learn more about Paul Baloche at his website  Paul shares lots of great advice on music and worship on his blog.  You can also find out what guitar equipment he is uses.

Enjoy Paul’s approach to playing “How Great Is The Love”.  I’m always curious to see how the actual artist plays their own songs and what tricks they have to make it sound great.  Paul makes great use of some color chords (minor-7ths, add9 and add4).

He also obtains a slightly different texture by capoing the 3rd fret.  If you like these chord shapes along with the capo sound, be sure to write down the chords in the video since they are different than the ones presented on Rockin With The Cross.

Northeast Worship Institute

Paul tweeted today:

Free full band concert tomorrow night, Friday, in Philadelphia. Come on out @7:00 Free! 1 minute ago via web

You can find Paul Baloche and other Christian artists in our twitter list.

how to play – Offering by Paul Baloche

Since we’re all snowed-in here in Pennsylvania today, its time to learn a new song.   “Let’s all bring an offering of worship to our King!”  Check out Paul Baloche showing us how to play his song “Offering”.

Here’s another video by Paul on how to play this song as well, or simply enjoy an acoustic performance of the song.

You can find the chords to this song under Paul Baloche on Rockin With The Cross.