March/April New Worship Music

New Worship Music

Summer 2012 – Android flavored OnSong app!

Just a quick teaser for those of us longing for an Android OS version of OnSong … the wait is almost over.  We expect to launch our first Android version of the OnSong app this Summer!  Stay tuned to our blog/facebook/twitter for more details coming soon.

OnSong Foot Pedal Sale

One of the great things about having a digital songbook is you don’t have to turn pages.  But what if your song doesn’t fit on a single screen?  Our bluetooth foot pedals can scroll and change to the previous or next song in your set list.  The price has been reduced to $119 til the end of April.

Give Us Your Opinion on Capos

Love ’em? Hate ’em? Somewhere in between? Answer on our Facebook Page

Engage Worship Conference Cancelled

We regret to inform those of you looking forward to attending the Engage Conference has been cancelled.  See their website for more details.


Learn Our God from Passion: Awakening

If you haven’t had a chance to play “Our God” from the Passion: Awakening CD, then you are truly missing out. You can get the simple chords in the key of G on RWTC.  The CD version is sung in the key of B which means a capo 4 if you want to keep Em-C-G as your chords.

Below is a short “behind the song” video with Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman discussing the creation of the song.  They also comment on how to play the song using 2 guitar players (one using capo 4 and the other capo 2).

Isn’t it great how many players and ministries share their experiences playing worship songs.  Here is another video showing how to play the lead parts to Our God.

and here is Part 2 to the lead instructional.

Do you have a guitar lesson or song tutorial to share?

Let us know and we may share it here on the RWTC blog.