Towdah – to praise no matter your circumstances

The 2nd Hebrew word for praise is Towdah …


Praise, thank offering, means to praise no matter what your circumstances. Lifting your hands in praise begins the breaking in the one praising that is needed to defeat the oppression of the enemy. Raising the hands is a sign of surrender, signaling the enemy that you are given over to God. Psalm 100, Psalm 50:23, Jeremiah 17:26, Psalm 56:12.

“Facing The Wall” ©2002 Potterhaus Music; pp 155


Psalm 50:23 (NKJV)

 23 Whoever offers praise glorifies Me;
And to him who orders his conduct aright
I will show the salvation of God.


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6 thoughts on “Towdah – to praise no matter your circumstances

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