7 Hebrew Words of Praise – Yadah

I have been reading Don Potter’s “Facing The Wall” and in its appendix is a brief overview of the seven most common words for praise used in the Old Testament.  In our modern age of worship and church, it may be surprising to see praise as more than playing a song and singing.  Many of the words are not even related to music.

  1. Yadah
  2. Towdah
  3. Halal
  4. Barak
  5. Shabach
  6. Zamar
  7. Tehillah

We will be highlighting each word in a different blog post.  Today, we will introduce the word yadah.

The Bible is full of the words praise, bless, or glory.  Whenever these words are used they can mean one of many Hebrew words.  The following is a list of only seven words.  This is not an exhaustive list by any means.  All these definitions were taken from the Hebrew Greek Key Study Bible KJV and Strong’s Concordance of the Bible (there are many Greek words for praise as well, but I’m only using the Hebrew.)

The first word for “praise” in the Hebrew is one of the most important words I found.  That is because the heart of the word is to confess your sins.  The root of the word is to have an intimate knowing of God.  (These words are not in any particular order; just in the order Ray taught them.)


Praise, thank, thanksgiving, cast (throw), Genesis 29:35, when Leah had her fourth son, she raised her hands in praise to the Lord, and called him Judah (praise). This is the first time anyone was recorded raising their hands in praise for their blessings: Praise as a result of blessing.  Psalm 69:30-31 David is saying his confession of praise and thanksgiving is more pleasing to God than his sacrifice.  This praise also includes public confession of sin: Psalm 32:5 To confess, to sing praise, to sing, etc. essentially it is to acknowledge the word of God and man’s character.


The root of YADAH which means to be intimately acquainted with someone, or God.  To understand or acquire knowledge; to know; to discern; (learning to discern God’s heart) To know by learning and experiencing. Knowing through the senses, by investigating and proving. To become acquainted in a sexual way to make oneself known; to be familiar; to reveal oneself; this Hebrew word occurs 995 times in the O.T. Knowledge gained through the senses.

“Facing The Wall” ©2002 Potterhaus Music; pp 154-155


8 thoughts on “7 Hebrew Words of Praise – Yadah

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  8. Shalom,

    Good overview of the seven most common words for praise used in the Old Testament, and Thank you for posting. I am searching for the origins of music/dancing in the Tanach (o/t) looks as if they came from egypt, which we are meant to Have Come Out.

    Paul. NZ

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