Boss ME-25 Multi-Effects Overview

If you haven’t noticed our contest on the homepage, then let me fill you in. Rockin With The Cross is doing something new this year make RWTC more fun. We’re giving away equipment and tools to help you in your music and ministry.

For February, we are giving away a Boss ME-25 multiple effect unit.  We are currently planning our March 2011 contest now, so be sure to check back to find out what it is. (hint: like the ME-25, it can connect to your computer via USB)

Sure its marketed for guitar, but you could  add the ME-25 to your keyboard or bass guitar rig as well.

Some of the sounds and effects in the Boss ME-25 include:

  • 6-second tap delay
  • Intelligent pitch shifter/harmonizer
  • whammy/wah effects
  • 10 distortion/overdrives
  • COSM amp modeling
  • sound freeze
  • looper

Here is a short video presenting some of the things the ME-25 can do:

Contest Rules– One entry per day.  Winner will be selected at random. Final day for entries Feb 28th.