New Music and New Chord Charts

We Cry Out
I Will Follow
Reaching For You

As many people know, Jeremy Camp just came out with a new worship album (which is quite good, by the way) titled We Cry Out.  If you check the “New Tabs” section, you’ll see that we have the chord chart to his song, Not Ashamed.

Both Lincoln Brewster and Chris Tomlin also released brand new singles to their upcoming, yet-to-be-released albums.  You can find chord charts to their songs as well in the RWTC archive.

Have you figured out chords to any old or new songs that aren’t in the archive?  Rockin With The Cross is a community of worship musicians who share their arrangements of songs with each other, so submit them today!

When you add new tabs to the Rockin With The Cross archive, we’ll give you a free month subscription for each song!

PS: be on the lookout for a RWTC update coming soon.


I am a tree, planted by a stream, that will never die.

Thanks to Dave Walker for sharing his blog post:

A couple of weeks ago a friend came up to me and said “Dave, I just can’t worship today, or recently for that matter. I haven’t been getting into the word, praying as much as i should, or even worshipping much. I don’t know why, but Im just having a hard time worshipping God today”. Im sure many of us can sympathize with such a statement, I know I can. More often then not I’ve found myself waking up Sunday morning thinking “crap, I’ve been an absolute slob this week. How the heck can I go and worship this King when I have denied Him monday through saturday?” The funny thing is though, its clear that we aren’t stuck in this “slob” state. I mean, if we took grace seriously we’d understand that the mere acknowledgement of it [slob-ness] is the result of grace! The reality is that we know only because He imparted the knowledge there of. Jesus Christ represents the answer of our prayers, the prayers of yesterday, today and tomorrow. There was an extension, from God, to man the day that Jesus came, died, and rose again.

Think of this, worship and praise of God is but a stream that flows from the father, passes through our lips, and returns to Him again.

Therefore, our worship is never rooted in ourself, which is INSANE!! Think of this, worship and praise of God is but a stream that flows from the father, passes through our lips, and returns to Him again. Our songs are the truths that God has placed within us.

When we arrive in a place when we can’t worship, we’ve fallen victim to the lies of the enemy. Think of it this way, there’s nothing a stream wants more then to flow. It was created to flow, its all it knows to do, and when it gets dammed up, well its just plain ugly. The same goes for us as worshippers. We were destined to worship in word, thought, and deed and evil wants nothing more then to deny us that opportunity. It has nothing to do with God, Satan knows he cannot overcome Him. He does, however, know that he can slow us down (dam us up), and thats what he wants.

The worship we harvest is but the worship that He planted within us.

Sunday morning does not exist because God needs it. Sunday morning exists because God knew we needed it. We gather to, as Lewis and Augustine taught us, re-order our loves. The goal of sunday is to get together as a community and sit under the authority of the gospel. Therefore, when we arrive on that faithful morning full of doubt and uncertainty, let us cling to truth of the gospel- to the fact that Christ lived, died, and rose again for the cries of yesterday, today and tomorrow. The worship we harvest is but the worship that He planted within us. Let us cling to Christ in our brightest moments and darkest hours. We were created to be dependent upon Him. And let us not forget that when we our dependent upon God, His glory abounds, for in our dependence is celebration.

So to my friend who said he couldn’t…of course you can’t, YOU never could,  but HE has. You don’t create worship, instead, you harbor it. Release your worship as an act of war, a declaration to the enemy that he cannot hold you down because he could not hold Him down. Finally, release your worship because He planted it in you, to make you beautiful. Release it, and you will see His beauty.

“I am a tree, planted by a stream, that will never die”


Song Suggestions for Dependence:  ”We Need You” (Brenton Brown), “Jesus You are Worthy” (Brenton Brown) “I will Boast” (Paul Baloche) “Shaken” (Paul Baloche) “We will Hold On” (Paul Baloche)

Learn Our God from Passion: Awakening

If you haven’t had a chance to play “Our God” from the Passion: Awakening CD, then you are truly missing out. You can get the simple chords in the key of G on RWTC.  The CD version is sung in the key of B which means a capo 4 if you want to keep Em-C-G as your chords.

Below is a short “behind the song” video with Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman discussing the creation of the song.  They also comment on how to play the song using 2 guitar players (one using capo 4 and the other capo 2).

Isn’t it great how many players and ministries share their experiences playing worship songs.  Here is another video showing how to play the lead parts to Our God.

and here is Part 2 to the lead instructional.

Do you have a guitar lesson or song tutorial to share?

Let us know and we may share it here on the RWTC blog.